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One full year since the Russian incursion, Ukrainian startups have exhibited remarkable strength and resistance.

One full year since the Russian incursion, Ukrainian startups have exhibited remarkable strength and resistance.

Today marks a full year since Russia unjustly launched a violent attack on Ukraine. This week, the majority of United Nations members highlighted the need for Russia to take out all of its troops from Ukraine’s territory and demanded that combat must stop.

You could say that TechCrunch agrees with this opinion. For this reason, they have provided a list of Ukrainian tech organizations, products, and startups that you can support and that investors can consider investing in.

Ukraine’s startup environment was doing amazingly well before the conflict and making notable headway, with Ukrainian startups receiving $832 Million in venture capital investment in 2021. Investment was raising gradually before the war and at present there are in excess of 50 venture capital firms still working in the nation.

Research conducted by those within Ukraine’s tech industry report that the current amount of tech professionals is around 228,000. The main locations of these professionals are Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odesa. In the past year, as many as 57,000 were pushed to move overseas, with an additional 7,000 enlisting in either the Armed Forces or Territorial Defense, actively partaking in battle against the attacker.

In a remarkable testament to the Ukrainian spirit in times of both peace and war, IT services exports from the country raised by 9.9% from the same period in 2021, garnering a total of $6 billion revenues – a great increase from the $542 million seen in the previous year.

A study by TechUkraine and Emerging Europe has revealed the resilience of Ukrainian start-up companies despite the conflict happening within the country. Although a few of these companies have moved abroad, the majority of them still have a presence in Ukraine. What is more, more than half of the surveyed start-ups are continuing their operations inside the country exclusively.

Nearly all Ukrainian startups have stated that they need economic assistance to make it through the conflict.

Fortunately, the wider technology sector has provided support for Ukraine over the past year.

Google gave 25 startups a grant to support and foster their progress.

For the inaugural year of the Horizon Europe program, the EU has earmarked a part of its €13.5 billion funding for research and innovation with a specific focus on Ukraine.

Approximately seven thousand technology personnel have joined either the Armed Forces or the Territorial Defense.

In October 2019, OneUkraine was established by prominent European tech founders and investors with the goal of delivering sustained help to the citizens of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian authorities have allocated both repayable grants and other forms of assistance for its technology industry, even though resources also have to be used for financing the warfare.

Two start-ups with Ukrainian roots have become unicorns over the last 12 months, giving the country no less than six firms that have now been valued at more than $1 billion: GitLab, Grammarly, Genesis, Bitfury, People.ai and Firefly Aerospace.

The following is a compilation of Ukrainian startups and tech companies that can be explored. Although this is not a comprehensive list, it includes noteworthy organizations that employ people within Ukraine and remain based there in order to support the war effort. If you have any tech businesses or initiatives that you believe should be included, then please fill out an application form to be included in this post. You can get in touch with Mike at mike@techcrunch.com if you have any inquiries related to this listing.

Long live Ukraine!

3DLOOK, a retail tech start-up, created the virtual fitting room YourFit. When the conflict began, the business relocated its entire team of 70 people to more secure locations in Ukraine and the European Union. They recently made the move to Poland to establish a new office. Despite being in the midst of a conflict, they still managed to launch a new product in March. They have earned an impressive $14.7 million, with their latest Series A raise closing in November 2021. Major investors include TMT Investments, TLF Ventures, Flyer One and others.

Ajax Systems, a producer of professional security systems across Europe, has employed 877 new people (bringing their total up to 2,620) and expanded their markets to 39 extra countries (which brings their total up to 169).

Ahrefs is a company that creates SEO software and boosts the online visibility of sites of all sizes, from huge businesses such as Netflix, Facebook, Uber, and Forbes, to smaller ones that want to rank high on Google’s front page. The company has been increasing personnel by 10%, hiring mainly developers and marketers, and states that it has achieved a yearly revenue of $100 million without the help of external investments.

A digital advertising platform, Adwisely, that is designed to help customers maximize their financial returns.

Aspichi is creating a sound/visual teleporting system that will let people register encounters and let others be engaged with it. After spending two months in an underground bunker, they applied their innovation to document evidence of war offenses and make it possible to feel fully immersed in Ukraine. Currently they are creating applications to help treat mental trauma, provide virtual medical instruction, enable fighting and improve the de-mining process. The company was formed in Delaware, USA and received its initial funding from SMRK VC.

Blocksport provides services to the professional sports and entertainment industry which involve the implementation of web3-ready platform models in order to generate tokenization options for their fans. Additionally, they have built a software-as-a-service (SaaS) white-label web3 platform that assists businesses in developing income streams and engaging more with their fanbase.

An apartment rental app called Birb that helps you locate the best deals available in the neighbourhoods you love.

A corporate library service which grants employees the ability to read books and other reading materials.

“Corner is the ultimate, hassle-free solution for creating a kitchen renovation with a pre-selected design entirely online.”

Deus Robotics, a Ukrainian startup, was able to obtain a sum of $1.5M in its seed round of funding by SMRK VC, a venture fund in Ukraine. Deus Robotics offers complete projects for hardware engineering, software engineering, and integration for automating warehouse and logistics operations. The robots are designed with the capacity to orient and move shelves, resulting in pre-sorting, consolidation and order picking tasks. In May of last year, Deus Robots came back to Kyiv due to the military’s success in pushing the Russians away from the capital. Even though the fighting was still occurring, the speed of package handling had increased drastically to a maximum of 200% greater than if they had been done manually in the warehouse.

DjookyX provides an avenue for musicians to make money by selling the copyright of their songs in order to finance their professional work.

Software that provides a cost-effective way to keep track of medical journals automatically.

ELEKS offers end-to-end software engineering services, ranging from initial concepts to finished products. Boasting a team of 2000 staff, they have provided software and product design for noteworthy companies such as BNY Mellon and Havas. Additionally, they recently relocated their offices within Ukraine’s Western portion.

ELVTR, a professional online learning business, found itself abruptly divided during the war–with the majority of the team moving to the European Union, and those that remained operating from bomb shelters. The lack of electricity and internet access for half of the time didn’t hamper them though, as they continue to make progress, even reporting a 50% quarter-over-quarter growth.

Finmap, a cash flow management service for businesses, just secured a €1M funding round from SMOK Ventures, a US-Polish venture capital fund. In April 2022, Ivan Kaunov, a co-founder and head of growth, will be drafted into the Ukrainian military as a reserve officer.

FuelFinance has recently gained traction with their pitch claiming to provide customers with Spreadsheets, Graphs, Automation, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Financial Projections, Plan/Actual Reports, Unit Economics and Relief from worrying. With the help of investors such as Bolt’s Markus Villig, SendBird’s John S. Kim and the San Francisco-based Stratmind as well as the Eastern Europe-focused Bad Ideas funds, FuelFinance has raised $1M in Seed Funding. Furthermore, FuelFinance have created a package of resources designed to aid Ukrainian entrepreneurs in reorganizing and continuing business despite the war. The firm has developed a system to bring together contributions for small companies that are struggling against the challenges they are facing.

An online resource that allows sales professionals to develop their expertise.

Folderly is an AI-based system designed to optimize clients’ email outcomes.

Time Magazine selected Esper Bionics as one of their top inventions of the year 2022; the company designs prosthetics with capabilities that get better with use.

IOT navigation technology is provided by farm.pro to assist with agricultural work and make use of resources more efficiently and accurately.

G-Mak is a security gadget that features innovative technological features which can physically obstruct and confuse an invader.

It’s a great Monday, and we’re connecting staff members to businesses that have a cause-focused mission.

Hacken, a blockchain security company, has been offering assistance to Ukraine in its cyber warfare fight against Russia and its propaganda. The business has provided around $350,000 in financial aid and its Chief Executive Officer, Budorin, even donated his own Tesla to a local Territorial Defense group.


On Howly, you have the opportunity to ask a professional any question you have in any field – from finance matters to appliance maintenance – at any hour of the day, with access to thousands of experts. All you need to do is select the relevant category and type your query into the chat form.

This Ukrainian EdTech firm, Headway, boasts a large number of users from all over the world–15 million-plus in 140 nations and 170 personnel.

i3 Engineering provides a full-spectrum solution to handle Smart Home projects and automation for businesses. This includes controllers that are mounted on a DIN-rail, specialized software, and a mobile application.

Jooble is an internationally used job search website that is amongst the most frequently visited websites dealing with job and employment matters, as reported by SimilarWeb. Moreover, they also have a Venture Lab that has invested in JayJay, a startup linked to online education.

Knopka is an innovative nurse call system that automates patient care while they are in the hospital bed.

The co-founder of the company was called up to join the Ukrainian military reserve.

Jiffsy provides a mobile commerce system designed to increase revenue for brands that focus on “slow” fashion.

Kycaid is a system that verifies and manages identities online, ensuring adherence to compliance regulations.

MacPaw is an organization based in Kyiv, Ukraine which specializes in creating and supplying computer programs meant for macOS and iOS. Its many products include CleanMyMac X, Setapp, ClearVPN and more. In 2017, they bought The Unarchiver. Globally, their products have been utilized by up to 30 million people.

Musemio employs immersive technology and provides services to customers including Crisis Charity and Royal Museums of Greenwich. Teachers and content owners (publishers and TV stations) can make virtual reality and mobile experiences with a simple drop-and-drag interface.

The Melt Water Club provides an advanced method of obtaining top-notch drinking water using their unique Freezing Process technology.

Mama Plant a Tree is a web-based platform that makes it easy for users to grow a tree with the mere click of a button.

Mate Academy offers specialized computer science courses to those interested in beginning a career in technology.

A virtual academic institution for youngsters from kindergarten to grade twelve offering mathematics classes.

Nanit Robot is a STEM Robotics education resource with a high tech and innovation-focused approach for teaching both children and adults.

Numo.so is a tool for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that encourages and reinforces the completion of daily chores. The application was created during the time of war in Ukraine and is said to be experiencing a steady rise in revenue and active users each month. In Numo, people with ADHD create a list of tasks to complete, and fellow ADHDers can show their approval of accomplished goals.

NetHunt is an application created for sales teams to help them manage customer relations, and it is linked directly to Gmail and LinkedIn.

OptySun provides a way to purify and decontaminate water in any situation.

Bringing hometown companies from real-world establishments to the digital sphere in order to upgrade their marketability.

PeopleForce is a HR system that allows businesses to supervise their employees’ performance.

Pricer24 is a tool that furnishes brands, distributors and digital retailers with market research.

RECEPTOR.AI is a system which facilitates pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in crafting new medications with more efficiency.

ReLeaf Paper is an eco-friendly company that uses fallen tree leaves to create paper and sustainable packaging. They’ve boasted a 78% reduction in CO2 emissions produced from shipping bag production, utilizing 15 times less water and 3 times more energy efficiency than the traditional wood papermaking process. During the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine in 2022, they secured and raised 2.5 million euros from the European Commission and subsequently began exporting sustainable packaging in Europe. The primary manufacturing hub is situated in Lutsk, Ukraine.

Respond.io is an automated B2B system which sends out messages in sequence to the customer’s inbox with no manual effort.

The Ukrainian company Rekava produces items from used coffee grounds that are biodegradable. Their stock comprises of rekava cups, rekava pots, and rekava candles.

Respeecher, the artificial intelligence voice generation business utilized to make the Darth Vader AI voice in the Star Wars show – Obi-Wan Kenobi – during the war as well! According to this speech cloning venture, even in the midst of the war, their success saw growth of 2.5 times, totaling to 98 projects compared to the 65 from 2021.

The Reface app, using AI/ML technologies, allows users to create their own customized content. It has been extremely successful, having hit the number one spot in the App Store soon after its release and was included in the Best Apps of 2020 by Google Play. Famous people, such as Elon Musk, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Miley Cyrus all have shared refaced videos. It has reached an incredible 250 million downloads and a further 70 million downloads or a 38% growth. Most recently, TQ Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz have invested in the app.

The service upgrades conventional solar (PV) panels that are already installed or new into hybrid (PVT) panels. This is known as Solar Plex.

Softjourn is a consultancy and software development organization that has a track record of 17+ years of involvement in the Finance and Media & Entertainment spheres, with a particular attention to Ticketing.

Sorbsys creates carbon batteries that are cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

A tool that assists website proprietors and advertisers in monitoring customer activities is referred to as Stape.

Do you want to aid the fight for Ukraine but don’t know how? Signal My Oligarch is a non-profit, community-run mobile application that identifies the property of Oligarchs globally. All you must do is take a photo, pinpoint the asset, and it will be stealthily sent to the nearby governing body to be hampered!

Sigma Software Group was able to transfer 2,800 personnel to safer places within two weeks of the beginning of the war, and by 2022 they had opened 17 offices in Europe and LATAM, as well as securing over 40 new clients.

The Breakfast, a social app created for modern-day people, has successfully secured $300k from financial backers in both the United States and Ukraine. This capital will make it possible to completely launch the app in New York City and Los Angeles. Said platform enables two individuals to come together and discuss over a meal.

UnderDefense, an independent cybersecurity company founded in Ukraine which has been commended by Gartner, Clutch and Splunk, had a team of sixty employees before the war broke out. Subsequently, offices were established in Malta and Poland while the presence in the US was increased to ensure continuous operations. As a result of the conflict, the team size has doubled and $500,000 has been donated to artillery units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

UA Drone School is offering four day courses in Kyiv and its surrounding areas for free to service members in the military. Civilians can participate as well by purchasing the course or donating. Currently, the school intends to incorporate Ukrainian drone operators who are veterans to implement an EdTech platform. They are also working to secure investors in order to establish their unique UAVs, software, and OSINT intelligence associated with drone intelligence data.

A platform using artificial intelligence to assess the level of engagement of a crowd and assess video material at all phases of creation and circulation.

Workee is a straightforward website development tool tailored for individual instructors and self-employed individuals.

WEEDAR constructed a loyalty and distribution system for cannabis firms. In the midst of conflict, their team relocated to Europe, though certain members have returned to Ukraine. Surprisingly, WEEDAR recently closed their Seed Round, bringing in $1.5 mln. To top it off, they have just unveiled a brand new product and joined forces with the top players in the cannabis field such as The Cure Company and Kushstock Festival. After that, sustained month-on-month progression of 30% was reported.

WheelKeep is a security system designed to let cycling lovers have peace of mind when it comes to bike theft. It is a combined hardware device and app that provides an invisible layer of protection for their bicycles.

An online platform called YouControl offering services for regulatory compliance, market research, enterprise intelligence, and researching legal entities.

Equipment, such as computers and machine components, used to operate a system or computer network.

In February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, WeDoSolar was established. They claim to have acquired thousands of orders for their vertical solar panels for balconies that are effortless to attach with weatherproof straps. These are intended for customers who don’t have sound knowledge of technicalities.

Delfast creates Electric Bikes that have an accompanying app to provide security and seamless integration.

Nect WORLD Inc. is offering the optimal 4G LTE modem for obtaining rapid internet access anywhere on the globe.

This revolutionary system from Caretech Human enables people to have a painless, cost-effective, and completely automated method for daily health examinations and early diagnosis of diseases.

Meredot presents a means of wirelessly supplying power to electrical vehicles, including electric vehicles and low-emission transportation machinery.

FeeLo is an effortless approach to informing somebody about the emotions you have towards them.

Creating excellent lifelike avatar media such as games, quests, films, programs, online broadcasts, social and corporate occasions in a 3D/AR/VR environment together.

Additional assistance initiatives

Eamonn Carey, a partner at Tera Ventures, is forming connections between investors and entrepreneurs from Ukraine.

The Spend with Ukraine movement encourages patrons to back Ukrainian created items and administrations during the time of war. For example, acquire pet cameras from Petcube, enhance writing accuracy with Grammarly, boost work efficiency through the Readdle applications, and secure the home with the advanced Ajax security alarm, etc.

This is a charity-based financial entity whose mission is to support tech-related businesses created by Ukrainian migrants located in the United States and Europe. It is registered with AngelList and is called Ukrainian Tech Ventures.

An NGO called the Free Ukraine Foundation was founded by tech Pioneers from both Ukraine and Belgium.

The European Association of Software Engineering has begun a service to assist tech professionals in Ukraine to seek employment. It has posted the CVs of tech professionals.

Donate $1000 to directly fund a family living in Ukraine.

United Delivery Mission is an altruistic program that supplies Ukrainian Military Forces with necessary items.

Have a UAV deliver a “morning coffee” to the enemies in the depths of the trench. This special recipe from the Ukraine Armed Forces is sure to pick up their spirits and give them the courage to flee from Ukrainian land speedily. The fee for sending four drones loaded with an “Espresso” is $5.44.

Communication outlets such as television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet

Kyiv Independent is known for its Ukrainian-focused online news coverage based out of Kyiv city. It recently started a section dedicated to technology news related to the Ukrainian tech industry. Those interested in helping the cause can contribute via Patreon.

‘Voices of Ukraine’ offers renditions of Ukrainian poetry and drama in various languages by those displaced by the Russian incursion.