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Can businesses effectively utilize generative AI?

Can businesses effectively utilize generative AI?

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT a few months ago and it has taken the world by surprise: it has accrued more than 100 million active users. This is understandable given its ability to produce human-like and accurate replies. More advanced forms of the technology can even create artwork and code simply by providing a description of the desired output, and the tech will generate it.

You can converse with the AI after your original inquiry, so if you’re not content with the result you acquired or want more clarification, you can pose extra queries or modify your image or code, so that it conforms more accurately to your plan. All of this transpires immediately without the need for an expert in the field, an artist, or a programmer.

However, this is not without its own problems. These problems may include the origin of the data used to educate the AI, the freshness of the data, not having permission to use the source data, prejudice in the model, and most significantly, the accuracy of the results, which occasionally is completely erroneous.

Despite the potential risks, enterprise software businesses are still embracing generative AI technology. The commercial potential and user excitement associated with the technology make them unwilling to miss out on an opportunity.

All three companies, Salesforce, Forethought and Thoughtspot, recently revealed the first versions of their own versions of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Salesforce aims to integrate generative AI into their platform, Forethought has a focus on chatbots, and Thoughtspot seeks to utilize AI for data searching. They all took the fundamental technology and included some algorithmic modifications to make it suitable for the needs of their particular platform.

Microsoft declared that its OpenAI platform designed for business customers on Azure is now available as a managed service.

In the course of this year, more businesses will be getting involved, even though there are certain constraints. We have to ask ourselves: Is this technology, which is still in its early stages and appears impressive, truly ready to be utilized by enterprises?