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Ideas for utilizing AI and ML optimally in 2023

Ideas for utilizing AI and ML optimally in 2023
Ab Gaur is the creator and head of Verticurl and is also the chief data and technology officer of Ogilvy.

This year will go down in history as the time when AI and ML went beyond the buzz and generated products that blew the minds of millions. Generative AI like DALL·E and ChatGPT serve as a reminder of how AI and ML will revolutionize how people connect and interact on the web.

The effects of this are especially deep and far-reaching, particularly for new businesses that need to find out quickly how to improve and strengthen customer involvement after a worldwide pandemic that altered the way shoppers buy items.

Startups must be creative in order to stay ahead in this unprecedented period of disruption, as well as rising prices, economic instability, and other elements. Artificial intelligence and machine learning could be the key to helping them achieve this goal.

Putting the customer first is the priority of many businesses. A survey from McKinsey & Company revealed that 71% of shoppers expect companies to tailor their experiences to them, and 75% expressed dissatisfaction when that doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, only half of the retailers today have the necessary digital tools to give their customers the best experience.

As the business progresses, companies that provide services to consumers can better create personalized interactions and connections by incorporating AI and ML technologies to interact with their clients on a large scale.

This year is likely to be remembered for the moment when AI and ML ultimately exceeded their previously exaggerated reputation.

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Hyper-personalization is based upon the customer data that is so readily available in the digital world we live in. Having too much or irrelevant data can slow down the content production process, but if the correct information is gathered, it can be used to personalize content on a large scale. This data is also beneficial as it can provide key insights into: