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TikTok is experimenting with a feature in the app that produces AI-generated avatars.

TikTok is experimenting with a feature in the app that produces AI-generated avatars.

TikTok has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is trialing a new capability allowing users to design synthetic AI avatars. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, was the first to notice the new feature. Although it has not been made widely accessible, the application is presently being tested in a handful of countries. This test product essentially binds the Lensa mobile app to the TikTok platform.

Once people have logged in to the tool, they will be presented with a selection of three to ten pictures from which they can make avatars. However, they can only do this once per day, and each usage will create up to thirty avatars.

TikTok has recently released a creative artificial intelligence-powered avatar generator! Check out the tweet thread to observe its capabilities. pic.twitter.com/TDBbwok6bt — Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) April 25, 2023

Once your photos are uploaded, you can select up to five visual styles for the machine to use when constructing your profile photos. According to Navarra, it may take a few moments for the application to make the AI images. After this process is completed, you are able to pick one or multiple AI representations and share them on your TikTok tale or try one as your profile icon.

A representative from TikTok stated to TechCrunch that they are constantly brainstorming ideas to benefit their users and add depth to the utilization of their app. They are attempting to create a safe platform that will be entertaining, prompt creativity and set trends. They are carrying out some experiments in various locations which is allowing customers to make and share profile pictures with other TikTok users.

Although the range of styles that TikTok’s tool gives you is not as extensive as what you can buy with Lensa, a paid program, the outcomes are striking.

You could add an avatar to your TikTok story, or use it as a profile image on the platform.

Images that go against TikTok’s Community Guidelines can not be chosen as profile pictures, and all images uploaded will be checked through its content moderation systems. In addition, TikTok will erase all pictures users have submitted after a brief span.

TikTok has stated that the features they experiment with may not always be included in the finished product and those that do eventually appear may have differences in appearance and function when they become available to everyone.

Last winter, Lensa skyrocketed to the highest position on the U.S. App Store rankings due to the influx of creative portrayals of users created through the app. This surge of popularity for AI editing caused a multitude of other “AI” apps to reach the uppermost tier of the U.S. App Store. During this period, the uppermost three spots on the U.S. App Store all belonged to AI photo editors.

It is not unexpected that TikTok is attempting to utilize its own variation of the successful AI avatar tools. While these AI photo applications have been popular, certain individuals in the art community have expressed concern about programs such as Lensa AI plagiarizing their artistry. Therefore, TikTok is likely attempting to try out a controlled version to dodge potential conflict.

It is important to be aware that this is not the initial instance of TikTok utilizing its own confined form of a common AI application. In August 2022, the company installed a text-to-image AI generator in the app allowing customers to type a stimulus and obtain an image which can be applied as the backdrop in their videos. The filter was established as a consequence of OpenAI’s greatly admired DALL-E 2 text-to-image AI generator.

TikTok has released a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to transform text into images.