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Nextdoor has announced a new feature called “Assistant” which is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Nextdoor has announced a new feature called

Nextdoor, a local community online platform, has announced the addition of some new abilities produced by generative artificial intelligence (AI). The primary upgrade is the design of a “Assistant” attribute to assist customers compose quality posts. This Assistant attribute, now being tested with certain users, is employing OpenAI’s ChatGPT as its main source of power.

Assistant has been created to assist users in drafting posts that will spark beneficial participation from the community. When crafting a post, people will be provided with a revised suggestion to scan over and modify prior to completing it. In addition, Assistant can offer instructions on how to express potentially hurtful remarks in a kinder way.

In November, Nextdoor released ChatGPT, using their proprietary local knowledge to create something that assists users in creating more engaging posts. CEO Sarah Friar mentioned to TechCrunch in an interview, “The assistant can suggest rephrasing or rewording posts to receive more comments and reactions from the neighborhood. It aims to help people write posts that foster community engagement.”

Using the new Assistant feature on Nextdoor, you’d be given the option to get a reminder about the platform’s community guidelines and make sure your post communicates your thoughts in a more kind and respectful way. For example, if there was an argument about the addition of speed bumps in your community and you wrote a heated statement, the Assistant can suggest alternative phrasing that is less inflammatory. An assistant can assist you in rephrasing your post to make certain that your communication is conveyed in an even-handed and advantageous manner.

Furthermore, Nextdoor claims that with the new generative AI features, it is able to grant users content which is tailored to their preferences and suited to the topic and context of their discussions. Hence, Nextdoor is capable of supplying more precise recommendations for nearby events, news, and recreational activities.

Friar explains that Nextdoor is putting safety first with the introduction of this service, informing people that they don’t have to use the options that the Assistant offers. They can just continue to post on the platform in the way they always have, as long as it follows the rules and regulations of the network.

Nextdoor started off testing their new innovations with a quarter of their clients, but today they’ve made them more extensively available. Nevertheless, they don’t intend to make it accessible to the complete user pool for now. Friar stated that Nextdoor will persevere with testing the functions to guarantee that it’s releasing the tech safely before giving it to everyone. The functions will be rolled out to American citizens gradually and after that to the other countries where Nextdoor is accessible.

Friar commented that they would closely monitor any unforeseen issues, while taking responsibility and proceeding at an appropriate rate. He also highlighted that while there can be apprehension regarding artificial intelligence, it is essential to make the technology available to all. He mentioned this access as a means of making people’s lives more efficient.

Nextdoor is intending to continue to examine computer generated AI and is setting up a committed generative AI squad headed by Qi He, the company’s AI Chief, who landed a job at Nextdoor a year ago after more than eight years with LinkedIn. This devoted group of people will be recruiting engineers and product directors to develop the organization’s application of AI across its framework.

Last year, Nextdoor redesigned its app with profile updates and community-oriented features. This was due to the platform’s growing concern about racism and prejudice that resulted in features to counter this problem and the resignation of their former CEO. The renewal was part of their wider objective to create a warm and friendly digital and in-person neighborhood.

Nextdoor has undergone an upgrade, introducing new user profiles, a news feed, as well as other tools for creating a greater sense of community.