Drive, play games, learn to code, and more.


Sphero, the leaders in Connected Play, announced the release of Sphero Mini, a tiny app-enabled robotic ball. The tech-infused ball, about the same size as a standard ping pong ball, is derived from the tech company’s heritage robotic sphere, Sphero 2.0, which launched in 2013.

What is Sphero Mini

Unique to Sphero Mini is a new way to play using facial expressions. Face Drive™ tracks expressions such as smiles, frowns, winks, head tilts and more to control the robot. Additional Sphero Mini features include:

Driving Drive Mini using different modes with the Sphero Mini app – Joystick, Tilt,
Slingshot, or Face Drive.  
Gaming Sphero Mini can be used with the app as a video game controller. Play three games, with more updates on the way:
1. Exile II: Use Mini as a controller to move and shoot spaceships. 2. Lightspeed Drifter: Control a futuristic ship racing inside a tunnel with Mini. 3. Round Trip: Rotate Mini to destroy a polygon of “bricks”.
Coding Download the Sphero Edu app and program Sphero Mini by drawing, dragging blocks, or text coding, all with Javascript (available in the Sphero Edu app October 2017).
Shells Colorful, interchangeable shells available in five colors; blue, green, pink, orange and white.

Teeny Tiny Tech

  • 10M Range, connect via Bluetooth
  • Charge with the included micro USB
  • LED lights glow in any color
  • Gyroscope & Accelerometer
  • Charge an hour, play for 45 minutes
  • iOS 10+ & Android 5.0+ compatible
  • Height: 42mm / Width: 42mm / Weight 46g
  • Top speed 1m/s
  • Accessories – miniature bowling pins and cones – included

“Sphero Mini encapsulates the technology our team has developed and perfected over the years into a smaller scale, all while only increasing the play experience,” said CEO, Paul Berberian. “This latest addition to the Sphero product lineup is a testament to our commitment to continue to advance the world of Connected Play.”

Sphero Mini will be available starting on September 29th 2018 at Sphero official site and select retailers (MSRP: $49.99).