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Spotify has released a brand new capability called ‘DJ’ which employs Artificial Intelligence to supply tailored music and commentary.

Spotify has released a brand new capability called 'DJ' which employs Artificial Intelligence to supply tailored music and commentary.

Prior to Spotify’s impending Stream On event in which the corporation is anticipated to introduce a modernized home feed and other revisions, they recently initiated a new AI trait called “DJ” that strives to individualize the sound experience for users. Imitating a radio DJ, Spotify’s DJ feature will compile a customized selection of music that is combined with AI-spoken discussions concerning the tunes and artists users prefer to listen to, using a “vividly authentic voice” said Spotify.

Spotify is striving to learn more about its users to the point where hitting a button will allow them to provide music tailored to the user’s taste. Essentially, it’s like having an artificially intelligent DJ in your possession.

The new feature of Spotify could make the service a more relaxing and casual experience when users don’t want to put a lot of effort into deciding what to stream, or looking around for a playlist to listen to.

This feature, powered by OpenAI, is still undergoing beta testing since the day of its launch and can only be utilized by registered Premium members in both the US and Canada with English as the language.

For the past several years, Spotify has set the gold standard for personalization technology, starting with the launch in 2015 of its premier playlist known as Discover Weekly, which proved to be hugely popular. That was followed by a host of other playlists tailored to the individual, including Release Radar, Daily Mixes, Your Time Capsule, Blend, and those aiming to provide background music for activities like commuting or exercising, among others. In recent times, Spotify has become the innovator, introducing their yearly individualized summary known as Spotify Wrapped. This has caused other companies to follow in their footsteps.

It was clear that sooner or later, Spotify would utilize advances in AI to offer a more personalized experience, considering that the majority of the industry is currently pushing ahead with unique applications of artificial intelligence .

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The business stated that their most recent DJ offering is a mix of their current individualization innovation, an AI voice they obtained through their 2022 investment in Sonantic, and OpenAI technology supplied by means of Generative AI. (Spotify revealed to us that they have a commercial connection to OpenAI, though they did not refer to it as a partner.)

Instead of releasing OpenAI’s Generative AI to the public, Spotify gave their specialists such as music editors, scriptwriters, and data curators access to it to bring out insightful information about music, artists, and genres. The main target for the AI is to ‘accurately’ generate meaningful comments about relevant topics. This is important due to the AI errors Bing and Google had recently. It remains to be seen if Spotify’s application will have the same problems.

Listeners that take part in the new DJ feature will be presented with a mix of songs both new and old which will be refreshed regularly. They will also be able to hear commentary which is followed immediately by the song it is referring to.

The AI may make remarks such as:

Chicago MC Polo G and Atlanta-based Future have joined forces for the first time ever to drop a new song. The music is attributed to Southside, the producer who is behind much of the music featured on Polo G’s upcoming work.

If the DJ doesn’t play what someone is wanting to hear, they can just press the DJ button once more to switch to a different style, performer, or atmosphere. The more the function gets used, the more precise its hints will grow to be – much like how skipping a song or liking a song would provide the algorithm with information about what the user enjoys.

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The DJ’s voice is based on Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships, who has led the streaming platform’s morning show podcast, “The Get Up.” The company states that this is only the beginning, hinting that more voices will be added to the feature in the near future.

To reach the DJ in Spotify, you will go to the song library accessible from the Home part of the app on either an iOS or Android device, and then click Play on the DJ card. This will turn on the DJ, who will showcase a number of tunes accompanied by bits of remarks.

We conducted brief experiments of the product before its release and the voice did sound genuine as it included personalized material during the introduction, such as bands frequently played by the user. However, the music selection did not appear to be more remarkable than one of Spotify’s tailored playlists. However, potentially, DJ’s enhancements will occur with time.

The DJ surprised us by going through a number of initial suggestions, then switching to different songs we had streamed a while ago. We didn’t anticipate that those would be separate from new music, but it occurred. We kept scrolling through the suggested tunes and it changed to different genres and eventually summery blasts from the past. It was like changing between different playlists.

At the start, the DJ is shown as a green circle on a blue screen, however as you play the music, it moves to the lower-right corner of the Now Playing section. All the features in the Now Playing remain the same, such as playing video clips when available, including control options, having the heart button and seeing the lyrics.

We haven’t been able to assess the feature properly because we have not had ample testing time, therefore we are unable to suggest if it should be utilized or gauge the degree to which the DJ can refine its ideas.

Spotify is attempting to use AI advances, such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, to generate attention and interest in their streaming service by advertising it as a machine-learning-powered offering. These incidents are highlighting both the positive aspects and the potential pitfalls of Artificial Intelligence technology.

In spite of critiques that Spotify’s continual adoption of audio formats has checked its app’s usability for music streaming, company development persists. In fact, when it declared its figures for Q4, Spotify encountered a jump in stocks as 10 million new subscribers and 22 million ad-supported users raised aggregate amounts to 205 million and 295 million respectively.

However, since Spotify’s beginnings with personalization technology are now generally assumed for any sort of music service, it appears that the company wanted to surpass this and reach for something new with AI that can’t be so easily copied.

The corporation declared that the disc jockey function will commence to be released today in their serviced areas, therefore you probably may not instantly see the feature but it should be available shortly.