Home News AI Microsoft has made accessible a preview of their AI-driven Designer tool.

Microsoft has made accessible a preview of their AI-driven Designer tool.

Microsoft has made accessible a preview of their AI-driven Designer tool.

Microsoft Designer, an AI-driven program for designing, has been released for public viewing with extended capabilities.

The news in October revealed Designer, an application similar to Canva, which can create designs for presentations, cards, invitations, illustrations, and more that can be shared on various social media outlets and other platforms. This web application incorporates user-generated content along with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 text-image artificial intelligence to create ideas for designs, with the capacity for extra modification and personalization in the form of down-menu selections and text boxes.

As of October, Microsoft’s 365 Consumer division has been continuously making refinements to their AI models and making those capabilities available throughout their Designer canvas, with a focus on user control, according to a blog post published today by Bryan Rognier, GM of the division.

Designer can now produce written captions and hashtags that are appropriate for social networking activities. It can offer multiple choices for the user to pick from. It can additionally construct animated visuals that come with background images and text transformations, propelled by Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft is unveiling new capabilities for its Artificial Intelligence-driven Designer tool. Image credits associated with the product are from Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced that Designer is slated to receive extra editing capabilities in the future. This will include the ability to place an item in a designated area of a graphic and the program will take over by filling in everything else. Both ‘erase’ and ‘replace background’ choices will be available so users can brush out items, figures, and scenery that were not intended to be within the image.

Microsoft has declared that Designer will be free throughout the preview period, which can be accessed from the Designer website and through the sidebar in Microsoft’s Edge browser. After the Designer app becomes generally available, it will be incorporated in the Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions, but some of its features will be available to non-subscribers at no cost, although Microsoft has not gone into detail about it.

Microsoft has declared that users will have “complete” control to capitalize on pictures they produce with Designer and Image Creator right now. Although, due to the court case concerning OpenAI and different businesses making use of generative Artificial Intelligence tools, it’s uncertain if this might adjust down the road.