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Duolingo has unveiled a new subscription plan that gives users access to an AI tutor powered by GPT-4.

Duolingo has unveiled a new subscription plan that gives users access to an AI tutor powered by GPT-4.

Duolingo has announced the launch of their newest subscription plan, Duolingo Max, on Tuesday. This service utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI language model, and comes with two features called “Roleplay” and “Explain My Answer”, which are powered by the new technology. The subscription prices for Duolingo Max are $29.99 per month or $167.99 per year. The announcement of the product coincides with the release of OpenAI’s GPT-4 AI language model.

The Roleplay feature gives users the opportunity to hone their conversation skills with an AI chatbot. Powered by GPT-4, the chatbot is both interactive and responsive. It provides users with various scenarios to practice with, such as ordering coffee in a Parisian café or talking about vacation plans with a character within the app. Once the conversation is finished, people will receive AI-generated feedback regarding the accuracy and complexity of their answers, as well as guidance for upcoming talks.

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Duolingo states that professional people compose the circumstances that students experience in Roleplay, and guarantee that the first suggestion is consonant with their course progression. The experts also craft the initial message in the conversation and direct the AI system on how to continue the dialogue.

The Explain My Answer feature provides users the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their response in a lesson, regardless of if it was accurate or not. If a user presses a button after finishing a task, they are able to communicate with Duo to get a description of why their response was either right or wrong, and they can also request illustrations or more information. The firm states that this feature is designed to assist individuals when they make a mistake and don’t know what the correct answer is. This function can also be beneficial when you find yourself continually repeating the same blunder and can’t figure out why.

Only Spanish and French courses for English speakers on iOS can make use of the two new features. The business intends to extend the new features to more courses and systems shortly.

Duolingo Max is a superior version of the Super Duolingo subscription, offering unlimited hearts, no advertisements, and personalized feedback through the Practice Hub feature. If you qualify to try Duolingo Max, it can be accessed in the Shop tab at the top of your screen.

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Duolingo states that it is constantly examining Artificial Intelligence-produced explanations in Roleplay and Explain My Answer to guarantee that the responses are precise and have the right attitude. When Microsoft implemented GPT-4 within Bing earlier this year, the technology company encountered criticism after people obtained strange and worrying responses from the search engine. Microsoft noted that the chatbot could be triggered to offer inappropriate answers. Duolingo is taking precautions to avoid a recurrence of a similar incident with its chatbot and has decided that the AI’s tone should be entertaining, encouraging, and sometimes humorous, in keeping with the company’s signature style.

The company conveyed in a blog post that technology is not infallible, just as humans are not. They are enthusiastic to use GPT-4 for certain aspects as it is the most precise and prompt version available. They have been in close collaboration with OpenAI for months to examine and condition this technology and will carry on doing so until mistakes become almost non-existent.

Duolingo has invested a lot of time conducting experiments with their staff and a select group of people to assess the performance of the new technology, and the outcomes have been very encouraging.

OpenAI has joined forces with Stripe and Khan Academy to include GPT-4 into their respective products. People everywhere can now take advantage of this new model by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 per month.

OpenAI has unveiled GPT-4, a cutting-edge, multi-faceted artificial intelligence system.