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Microsoft has created a Power Platform AI copilot that will construct applications for you.

Microsoft has created a Power Platform AI copilot that will construct applications for you.

Microsoft held a virtual “Future of Work” event today, where they launched an AI copilot for Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate. This AI copilot is intended to make the process of creating line-of-business apps, flows and bots much simpler by allowing users to express what they want to build by using natural language.

Microsoft is introducing AI-driven help for Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate through Copilot. Charles Lamanna, corporate VP for the low code application platform, has said that makers will now have access to a live partner that assists in building solutions and gives suggestions for improvement. With Copilot, users can create an app, flow, or bot by merely describing it in natural language and the process can be completed in a few seconds. It is so simple.

Microsoft 365 is receiving a plethora of new features that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Using the Power Platform Copilot is akin to using Bing or ChatGPT. You start by stating the idea you want to create and then you can refine it through dialogue with the robot in the chat sidebar.

In Power Apps, the primary low-code tool of the Power Platform, users are now capable of utilizing phrases such as “Create a time and expense application to permit my employees to submit their time and expense reports” and it will generate the app for them. Apart from generating user interfaces and connecting them to company data sources, the Copilot can also assist in analyzing and visualizing the data (Microsoft’s example: “What are the most frequent causes of an inspection failing?”).

Since Power Virtual Agents is part of the same platform and receiving similar updates, it makes sense that it is now more fully connected to Power Apps, making it much simpler for developers to incorporate a chatbot into their applications.

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Using Microsoft’s Power Automate, customers have been able to reduce the time it takes to build a workflow by 50% during the preview period. This tool makes it simpler to automate processes.

It’s worth noting that Power Automate is integrated with a GPT model, allowing users to generate text or summarize existing documents automatically.

Microsoft has made clear that the features powered by Azure OpenAI Service with GPT are in an experimental phase and not ready for production use. Despite this, it is likely that many users will still utilize them. Microsoft has stated that it cannot be responsible if anything goes wrong with the automated daily content update when these features are in use.