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Joy, a wedding platform, will allow you to use OpenAI for creating your vows.

Joy, a wedding platform, will allow you to use OpenAI for creating your vows.

Nothing is more passionate than utilizing an AI-controlled bot to craft your vows. Recently, wedding arranging platform Joy presented a fresh OpenAI-driven “Wedding Writer’s Block” device that takes advantage of AI technology to generate a draft for one of the most momentous talks of your life.

The AI assistant is supposedly able to compose vows, toasts, love stories for wedding websites, thank-you notes, and even ways to politely turn down an invitation to a wedding, the company claims.

There are a variety of styles that the draft can be written in. For example, you can imitate William Shakespeare, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even imitate a pirate. The AI assistant can even write for you as if you were a therapist, TikToker, astrologist, or even a pessimistic ex.

The image was created by Joy.

Vishal Joshi, co-founder and CEO of Joy, commented that weddings are a unique opportunity to recognize relationships and bring people together, and Joy strives to use smart technology to remove any obstacles that can take away from the focus of the couple. He further noted that this allows the bride and groom to center on the most important thing- one another.

Joshi reported that a vast majority of those surveyed (89%) felt somewhat overwhelmed when starting to create their wedding documents. Additionally, 28% of respondents contemplated utilizing AI to get the job underway.

While Joy’s Writer’s Block Assistant is intended to be a source of motivation, it’s remarkable to consider that some people might use the function to plagiarize the AI-generated text verbatim. So, be on the lookout for anyone whose writing seems a bit too mechanical. (Just kidding.)

Despite the humorous element, Joy’s new AI assistant is an indication that organizations are incorporating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into just about anything. People who are even using a dating app are taking advantage of the conversation robot technology to communicate with their partners – which could be considered excessive.