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Tinder will now be implementing artificial intelligence and video selfies to verify users.

Tinder will now be implementing artificial intelligence and video selfies to verify users.

Tinder is now introducing an update to their Photo Verification feature that incorporates Artificial Intelligence. Previously, to confirm they’re genuine, users would post pictures of themselves meeting Tinder’s specifications. However, they are now increasing the verification process to include a video selfie as well. Soon, Photo Verified users will be able to limit their conversation to only people in the same category.

The company has proclaimed that these modifications are part of their efforts to safeguard the well-being of their users on the Tinder app.

Nonetheless, this attribute has been released when using AI to fabricate false pictures and identities has become much simpler. This could mean that online dating sites will be flooded with bogus individuals who are actually just robots designed to bombard their matches. Having a “genuineness” verification, as seen in a video selfie, is more effective in confirming that people are who they assert to be and stopping spammers.

Tinder has stated that it has employed a third-party business to oversee the video selfie approval process instead of doing it internally, yet they declined to state which provider they are using.

Despite this, the new system initially necessitates the user to go through a sequence of video clips, which are used by the AI to guarantee that the individual in the video tape and in the profile picture chosen by the user are the same person.

Starting from Wednesday, people who wish to be Photo Verified or keep the verification they already have will have the choice to take a video selfie. This feature will take the place of the previous option of submitting photos.

People who have already received the Photo Verification will soon be asked to upgrade to the most recent version of Photo Verification if they want to maintain their blue checkmarks on Tinder. This will not just guarantee that members are verified through the stronger video selfie feature but also tackle the challenge of people who have arrived back on Tinder with their verified photographs being a few years old.

As well as changing the feature to use videos rather than photos, Tinder will launch extra options that will show users only other members that have been Photo Verified in their matches. People will have to have the Photo Verification before they are allowed to send a message. It is unlikely that this will provide a pleasant start for anyone. “Wow!”

Tinder Gold subscribers have the option to only look at the “Likes” page with only members who have been Photo Verified.

The company states that Photo Verification has been successful in raising the amount of matches a person gets on the website, because it allows individuals to confirm that the person they have matched with is real, not an automated program, as well as making sure the other person looks similar to the photos they have posted. Tinder adds that for those between the ages of 18 and 25, becoming Photo Verified can increase their chances of matching by 10%.

The Photo Verification function will be available to all of Tinder’s worldwide users starting today, and the option to only allow messages to be sent to “Photo Verified Members” will be released in the upcoming months, according to Tinder.