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“#NotMyArtificialIntelligence and other Tech-Related news”


Snapchat has released their new AI chatbot known as My AI to the 750 million people who use the app every month. Now is a good time to reflect on whether we are prepared to make friends with robots online, even if we do not necessarily want to. On this week’s episode of the TechCrunch podcast, host Amanda Silberling is discussing this topic.

Headlines from the episode

    Snapchat has been faced with a wave of 1-star reviews for its new ‘My AI’ feature, and customers have been vocal about wishing for its eradication. Meanwhile, a ‘snitch form’ in Missouri was taken offline after people inundated it with the full script of the ‘Bee Movie’. SpaceX’s successful failure has been a warning for their forecasted timescale regarding Starship. Google’s AI chatbot, known as Bard, is now capable of both generating and testing code. After a court battle between Apple and Epic Games, the latter lost the case and an appeal has been filed.