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Nova is constructing safety rails for computer-generated AI material to keep brand loyalty intact.

Nova is constructing safety rails for computer-generated AI material to keep brand loyalty intact.

Brands need to be mindful as they incorporate AI into their operations to develop new content related to their company. They must take care to make sure that the freshly created content adheres to the conventions of their brand and guidelines.

Nova, a young business developing a package of AI-based tools for maintaining brand consistency, is launching two new applications today – BrandGuard and BrandGPT – to monitor artificial intelligence-generated content.

BrandGuard enables you to enter your business’ brand regulations and instructions in it, and uses various models developed by Nova to make sure all content follows these rules. BrandGPT enables you to inquire about the content regulations of your brand in a manner similar to that of ChatGPT.

Rob May, the head of the business and previous originator of Backupify, a computerized reinforcement startup bought by Datto in 2014, realized that companies wanted to begin profiting by generative AI innovation to make content quickly, yet at the same time stressed over keeping up brand respectability, so he proposed constructing a rail system to shield the brand from generative AI blunders.

Many Chief Marketing Officers expressed their concerns about understanding if Artificial Intelligence created content was in line with their brand, which ignited May’s idea of BrandGuard, a complex system of models that works with BrandGPT. May described this idea to TechCrunch.

BrandGuard is the foundation for a brand protection system that Nova developed. Five models are used to identify any potential abnormalities. These models examine aspects such as brand safety, how well it aligns with the company, if it follows the style, and if it meets campaign goals. Each piece of content is given a score and each company will decide what the score must be before moving forward with review from someone.

He stated that with the help of generative AI, you can measure the quality on a spectrum, and you can set limits. If anything falls below 85% in regards to brand standards, then the system can alert a human to inspect it. Firms are free to select whatever restriction they feel comfortable with.

BrandGPT has been designed with the intention of assisting third parties, such as an agency or contractor, to ensure that they are adhering to the brand guidelines of the organization. This is to be accomplished through the ability for these third parties to ask questions concerning the company’s brand policies. May emphasised that BrandGPT is there to provide a gateway to all brand security measures that the organisation is implementing and provide people with the ability to access the style guides and have a better understanding of the company even if they are not employed by it.

The company that was founded last year has received $2.4 million from Bee Ventures, Fyrfly Ventures and Argon Ventures. Starting today, the public can gain access to two of the products that they have developed via a beta version.