Home News AI New Relic has released Grok, its artificial intelligence-powered observability assistant.

New Relic has released Grok, its artificial intelligence-powered observability assistant.

New Relic has released Grok, its artificial intelligence-powered observability assistant.

At present, plenty of companies in the business world are adding a big artificial language model to its services. Today, New Relic is joining those companies with Grok, the very first AI assistant for observability, and this is likely not the last. It’s intention is to enable engineers to take care of mundane duties with natural language in New Relic, such as establishing measurements, creating reports, and taking charge of accounts.

Photo credits: New Relic

Manav Khurana, the Chief Product Officer at New Relic, pointed out that observability tools are meant to help the DevOps and DevSecOps movements. He elaborated by explaining how it can be quite challenging for software engineers to convert their queries into the right data model, search through those tools to find the right data, and then somehow interpret the results back to something more easily understandable. This is why DevSecOps processes have not kept up with the admittance of Observability technologies. With the contribution of Generative AI, a huge amount of new software will be created with different methods, resulting in even more complications when it comes to running and protecting software.

The clear advantage of using these models is the capacity for engineers to easily evaluate the huge quantities of data that the service gathers. This was articulated by Khurana who noted that today, the objective is not only making sure that the service operates correctly, but also keeping track of the cost to operate them, which is of prime importance to the majority of businesses.

Credits for the image go to New Relic.

Grok enables engineers to look into their collective telemetry data more facilely and without having to develop complex inquiries. While users will naturally make use of it to create dashboards and reports, Grok also allows people to ask pertinent questions such as “Why is this service not working?” in order to get to the cornerstone of an issue and with its CodeStream telemetry and collaboration tool, troubleshoot code-level difficulties if needed that may be integrated into mainstream IDEs.

Bill Staples, the CEO of New Relic, spoke about the cloud APM created by the company in 2008 and how the newly launched Grok develops it even further. He noted that, even with the advancements made, software engineers are still not able to benefit from observability as much as they could because of the complexity of manually working with large volumes of telemetry data from complicated programs. New Relic Grok makes data and understanding available to everyone, transforming the prospects for businesses that strive for agility, originality, and durability.

At the beginning of the year, New Relic released its MLOps intelligence program, allowing engineering organizations to keep a check on programs developed using OpenAI’s GPT programs.

A limited preview of Grok will soon be available.