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Quora is rolling out a feature that enables people to communicate with a robot powered by GPT-4 technology through a paid subscription.

Quora is rolling out a feature that enables people to communicate with a robot powered by GPT-4 technology through a paid subscription.

Yesterday, Open AI revealed its fresh GPT-4 model, while Anthropic presented its own ChatGPT opponent, Claude. At the same time, Quora declared that its chatbot application Poe will now have a chargeable level which will permit customers to ask queries to robots operated by these models.

Poe subscriptions are currently only available through an iOS device or a Mac running Apple Silicon, and cost $19.99 a month or $199.99 annually. The company is working on making the paid plan accessible to purchase online.

Poe was initially released by Quora in December 2018 as a limited test, and after that, it was made available to all iOS users in the past month.

Adam D’Angelo, the CEO of Quora, expressed in a Twitter thread that although people who pay are able to converse with bots enabled by GPT-4 and Claude+ (1.2 version), they are limited to 300 GPT-4 and 1,000 Claude 1.2 messages each month. Quora warned that once a user has exceeded the monthly quota, their access to the bots might be decreased in terms of availability or quality.

Today, we are introducing Poe subscriptions, which allow paid subscribers to access bots built on two advanced language models: GPT-4 from OpenAI and Claude+ from Anthropic. pic.twitter.com/xyGzo8QSF5
— Adam D’Angelo (@adamdangelo) March 14, 2023

Currently, people are able to use and inquire about the models without any expense. D’Angelo stated that individuals can communicate with other bots such as ChatGPT, Claude, Sage, and Dragonfly without limitation. Poe has characterized the models to possess different responsibilities and characteristics. This is the company’s statement concerning these bots:

    Claude tends to excel at a variety of creative writing tasks, but is less likely to respond to queries. Claude+, however, is notably better than Claude, particularly in non-English languages, providing more detailed answers in English. Conversely, Sage and ChatGPT generally perform better at languages other than English, and are better at programming-related tasks. Dragonfly is known for its strength in natural language processing. It is possible to get Dragonfly to better understand commands when shorter answers are given as examples. GPT-4 is a major improvement compared to ChatGPT and is the most powerful language model available nowadays. It is especially proficient at tasks such as creative writing, problem solving (e.g. mathematics and physics) and following directions.

Significantly, Sage and Claude do not have knowledge about situations that occur after 2021 and Dragonfly might deny to answer certain inquiries. When you commence a discussion with a robot, the application displays you a caution that it might make incorrect statements so that you don’t accept the responses as true. These are some protections against exploiting robots into saying troubling or inaccurate things.

ChatGPT showed a lack of concern.

At the moment, there is no direct link between Quora and Poe. However, the company stated that if the responses created by Poe meet certain conditions, they could be shared on the Q&A website that has more than 400 million visitors every month.

In addition to Poe, Duolingo unveiled a subscription plan that taps into GPT-4 technology to create an AI-based tutor for language learning. Microsoft also admitted that GPT-4 has been powering the Bing search engine. Furthermore, Bing’s daily message limit was raised to 150. Meanwhile, Khan Academy is experimenting with an AI assistant that can help teachers with administrative tasks like a teaching aid. In contrast, learners can make use of it to get assistance with mathematics and put forth concepts for narratives.

With OpenAI and Anthropic having recently declared the development of new bots, there will be an increase in the number of consumer services that make use of this technology.