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It is being said that Apple is currently designing a health coaching service that is run by artificial intelligence.

It is being said that Apple is currently designing a health coaching service that is run by artificial intelligence.

Apple is reportedly creating an AI-enhanced health guidance system identified as Quartz, according to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. In addition, the tech giant is also said to be innovating technology that can monitor emotions and launch a tablet version of the Health app for iPhones this year.

The AI-powered health coaching system is meant to motivate people to exercise more, eat healthier, and sleep better. Its main purpose is to build specialized coaching plans for users based on the data from their Apple Watch monitored by AI. It will come with a regular price tag, like the other services Apple offers.

Multiple Apple teams are said to be involved in the project, and they consist of the organization’s health, Siri and AI divisions. According to Gurman, the service is likely to debut sometime next year, however, it could be held back or even canceled entirely.

As well, the report suggests Apple’s Health app will feature utilities designed to track emotional states as well as manage impaired vision, such as myopia. When the emotion logger is released, people will be able to journal their disposition, reply to inquiries concerning their day, and note any deviations of their answers over time. Eventually, Apple anticipates the emotion monitor will be able to ascertain a user’s disposition through algorithms processing the individual’s speech, text, and other data.

It appears Apple will introduce the new iPad Health app at WWDC in June. It will give customers a better view of their health information, for example their electrocardiogram records. This application is likely to be included in iPadOS 17 on its launch towards the end of 2021.

Gurman referenced that Apple started to center its efforts around health in 2014 with the accession of the Health app and then released the Apple Watch one year afterwards. As the time passed, they included more health-related characteristics to their smartwatch, like fall detection and sleep monitoring.

It is rumored that Apple is introducing a new mixed-reality headset that will include a function enabling users to practice mindfulness when they wear it. This new device is assumed to be announced at the upcoming WWDC.

Apple is planning on broadening its health services by introducing a basic type of blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch in the near future, as reported by Bloomberg. Even though it is not predicted to show precise diastolic and systolic numbers, it will advise users if it perceives they may have high blood pressure.

The company is also creating a glucose monitoring system that will not require finger pricks. They hope to put this monitoring system into a compact device, with the eventual goal of making it part of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch could be set to receive its most extensive software update since it was first unveiled in 2015, according to reports.