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Cleveron presents its first robot courier prototype

Estonian startup company Cleveron has launched a mobile delivery robot prototype which the company isa already piloting in some markets.


The self-driving robot courier will automate the last mile delivery and parcel handover from a courier to a client.

This helps to manage the growing e-commerce parcel volumes more effectively and make the last mile delivery extremely convenient for the consumer. 

Accordingly to the Business Insider, Cleveron’s courier robot “could solve a multibillion dollar problem facing Amazon, Walmart, and Target”.

The goal behind the creation of the robot courier is the same as for all other Cleveron’s products – to save time for everyone. The self-driving robot courier will arrive at the client’s house, place the parcel to the personal parcel locker and then leave.

The customer gets a message that the parcel has arrived and can pick the parcel from the locker whenever it suits them. They do not have to stay at home and wait for the courier to arrive with their parcels.

Logistic revolution

Cleveron’s future robot courier enables the e-commerce or logistics companies to automate their last mile delivery processes, helping to lover the costs.

It also offers the chance to provide a delivery service with utmost convenience for their customers since they do not have to spend time waiting for the courier.

This will shift the shopping preferences towards online shopping even more since it will be the most convenient and time-saving way to shop.

The self-driving robot courier prototype was showcased towards the end of last year, at the Robotex International conference Generation R in Tallinn, Estonia.

Cleveron plans to start piloting the robot courier on the streets of Estonia in 2020. Cleveron is already piloting the personal parcel lockers in Estonia.